Our vision of IT infrastructure: from physical to Cloud...

If it makes sense to keep your On-Premise solutions to access large volumes of data or for your critical business applications, private or hybrid Clouds offer many advantages:

  • Efficient data recovery
  • Innovation: access to the latest updates
  • Mobility: always accessible data, from any device
  • Increased collaboration: simplified document editing and sharing
  • Enhanced data security

When you use the Cloud, you need to implement a FinOps approach to optimize costs!

System & infrastructure
Expert engineers in infrastructure management
Their role?
To guarantee the proper functioning and high availability of your critical servers.
Our system engineers
Windows, Unix or Linux

Main missions:

  • Administer the Linux / UNIX components
  • Ensure the support of Linux solutions
  • Treat and follow the resolution of incidents
  • Guarantee the maintenance in operational condition
  • Carry out the reporting of the activity and capacity reports for Linux infrastructures
  • Participate in on-call and HNO interventions

Technical skills:

  • Linux administration / engineering (RedHat/CentoS, Debian, Suse)
  • Security of Linux environments (Spacewalk, RedHat Satellite, FreeIPA...)
  • Virtualization infrastructure (VMWare)
  • Log management
  • Proxy / Reverse Proxy management
  • Industrialization/automation
  • DevOps tools (Puppet, Jenkins...)
  • Metrology / monitoring

Soft skills :

Rigor, method, analytical skills

The case of IBM France

  • Technical Customer Manager for the client Nielsen having outsourced its infrastructure to IBM in the datacenter of IBM Montpellier.

Our missions:

  • Management of all the client's technical demands and coordination of a team of 25 people in an international environment
  • Coordination of Aix, Oracle and Oracle middleware fusion for the client Nielsen
  • Migration from Oracle Application Server to Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Implementation of IBM Flash System, Oracle 12c and ASM migration

Technical environment: Oracle 12c, 11g, 10gR2, 10g/R2 RAC, 9i, IBM Aix, Toad, Tivoli Storage Manager, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware

High availability production environment
Our database
& engineers DBA

Main missions:

  • Intervene on production incidents
  • Participate in the evolutions of the customers' Si
  • First level performance analysis
  • Coordination and assistance to the migrations
  • Implementation of high availability architecture defined by the DB architects
  • Study and implementation of monitoring and operation of the databases
  • Drafting of installation, deployment and operation manuals
  • Participation in on-call duty

Technical Skills:

  • Oracle
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or MongoDB

Soft skills :

  • Responsive, good communication skills
  • Know how to act quickly in case of a critical incident
  • Know how to exchange directly with the customer in case of in case of incident or change
  • On-call duty is to be expected
Customer case

  • Management and implementation of migration projects of Magnitude V9, Infocentre and TOCOM applications for Thomson
  • Architecture, Project Management and Realization of the redesign of high availability solutions for Valeo (Oracle 9i, Cluster MS 2000, FailSafe,Dataguard)
  • Architecture and realization of the environment Oracle, PeopleSoft and Linux RedHat for Lafarge
  • Architecture of the Oracle environment, Informatica and Aix 5L for the client Danone. Architecture of the high availability environment under Oracle 9iRAC and Cluster Windows 2000 for Honeywell
  • Management of the project of Move of the SAP and Oracle environments from Sophia Antipolis to Tempe (US) for Honeywell customer. Reorganization of databases (Online and Offline) for ERP Mutualized customers
Engineers who are experts in process harmonization and automation.
Their role?
To streamline processes, especially for production start-up.
Our DevOps

Main missions:

  • Build, deploy and maintain of deployment factories (Ansible, Jenkins, GitLab, …) in cloud environments (AWS, AZURE/GCP) and "On-Premises" or hybrid infrastructures
  • Automation of infrastructure and configuration deployments (Terraform, Ansible, Cloud Formation, ARM)
  • Design, build and operate solutions based on Public Cloud and open-source technologies (IaaS, PaaS, base de données, web, middleware, supervision...) with integration of containerization technologies (Docker) and orchestration technologies (Swarm, Kubernetes).

Technical Skills:

  • Agile / DevOps/ tools and continuous methodologies deployment
  • Infrastructure foundations (VMWare, EC2, Azure, Virtual Machine...)
  • Containerization technologies (Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes)
  • Severless Cloud solutions (AWS Lambda...)
  • Configuration, tuning, performance tests
  • WEB application security
  • Application performance (Jmeter, Gatling...)

Soft skills:

Autonomy, rigor, intellectual curiosity (technology watch), analytical mind, ability to work in a team (Scrum method)

Case study of a 3-month project

  • Remanufacturing the entire worldwide servers of an industrial and technological group.
  • Redesign also means urbanization and security.


  • Several tens of thousands of physical and virtual servers as well as Cloud (private, public with different providers)
  • Several dozen sites worldwide

Our missions:

  • Federate all the projects in progress on a common work axis: synchronize server downtime servers on action ranges
  • Intervene on private, public and hybrid clouds
  • Make the right decisions to secure all future actions
  • Maintain production while being able to adapt to other systems (portability)

Our constraints:

  • Succeed in creating a synergy between all the actors
  • Integrate the human side by working in a multicultural environment
  • Take into account the cruising speed of each site and of each technician

The goal:

  • Facilitate the work of the servers’ users
  • To date, the project has completed its design phase

Due to the confidentiality of the project, additional information cannot be disclosed.